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Pest control service in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Bandra,Dadar, Vashi, Mulund, Borivali & Kalyan

At, we've been family owned and operated for over 19 years. Call us today to learn more about how we can get rid of the ants, termites, roaches, fleas, or other pests that have invaded your space. When you contact us, a technician will come inspect various areas inside and outside your home or business. Once establishing what the problem is, we'll recommend the best treatment for your needs.

Every Home Requires A Preventive Pest Control Services Once In A While Because A Lot Of These Pests Forge Without Any Warning. It Is More Of A Need Than It Is A Want. Pest Control Services India Come Into Play To Cope With This Demanding Situation. With Its Innovative Approach, Proficiency, Latest Tools & Techniques, Pest Control Services India Is Gaining A Large Amount Of Demand From People Who Love Smart, Healthy, Orderly, Immaculate And Squeaky Clean Home Without Much Hassle And Headache. is top Pest control service in Navi Mumbai, Thane Bandra, Dadar, Vashi, Mulund, Kalyan, Panvel, Andheri, Borivali, Goregaon, Chembur, Kurla, Bhandup, Ghatkopar, Worli, Juhu, Bhandup, Mulund, Bhandup, Airoli. We are happy to share with you that we are highly trusted by most of our clients

While we don't require our customers to sign a long-term contract, we will suggest a treatment plan for your individual needs that may recommend regular visits to your home or business. We use Eco-friendly chemical barriers to keep insects away, and we work hard to ensure they don't come back. Our monthly and quarterly service also includes mouse and rat control.


Mosquitoes can carry diseases. Our trained, licensed technician will focus on the areas of your property that feed and harbor mosquitoes. Service is monthly or as needed. Be sure to contact us before your outdoor event to get your property treated so your guests can enjoy that special gathering!

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are notoriously hard to eliminate. However, we are well-equipped to get rid of these pests and will tackle the issue immediately. We will educate you on what to look for after service and how to prevent these pests from invading your home again. We have a 90 day guarantee.


If you notice an infestation of any type of insect, you need to be prepared. Ants and spiders can be particularly troublesome. If you find either ants or spiders in or around your home, we have excellent products to eradicate them quickly.


Termites can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to your home. If you think you may have termites, please call us. We will promptly identify the insects, evaluate the situation, and explain your options. The tried and true chemical barrier is a service we’ve trusted in all our years of business. However, we have just started offering the baiting system as well. After much research on this product, we believe we have found a system we trust to put our name on.

Work With You

We are here to help with all of your pest needs, from consulting with you for the best plan to eradicate pests, to helping keep your home or business termite, ant, flea, and pest-free. We want you to feel comfortable in your space, and we take pride in the quality services we provide to all of our customers. We are locally owned and operated and believe in treating our customer the way we would want to be treated. Our business affiliations include Mumbai Department of Agriculture, Mumbai Pest Control Association, National Pest Management Association, and the Association of Pest Control Operators of Mumbai.


We take our work seriously. As proud members of the Certified Pest Control Operators of Mumbai, we will show up on time and work hard to get to the base of the problem. Don't put up with bugs if you don't have to. Call in the experts!

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No Long-Term Contracts

We don't require our customers to sign long-term contracts. We know we're effective in getting rid of pests, and that no two situations are alike. We offer one-time, monthly or quarterly services.


Protecting your home or business from pests should not cost an arm and a leg. At Bridges Termites & Pest Control, we provide services at an affordable rate and proudly offer military and senior discounts.


Our Services Offer A Lasting Solution To Our Esteemed Clients Both In Homes And Commercial Properties We Guarantee Cockroach Control Services, Mosquitoes Control Services, Bedbugs Control Services, Bedbugs FAQ And Extermination Services, Termite Control Services, Bats Control Services, Bees Control Services, Wasps Control Services,. Fleas Control Services, Ants Control Services, Rodents Control Services, Rat And Mice Control Services, Flies Control Services And Most Pest Management Services.

Our Fumigation And Pest Control Services Provider Company Conpest- Mumbai Acknowledge Pest Extermination, Pest Controlling, Pest Removal, Pest Eradication Is A Strategic Pest Control Procedure To Eliminate Unwanted Insects From Your Home And Its Environs. We Also Do Basic Housekeepingon During Fumigation

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